Daily Dog Walking:

Our dog walking service keeps your furry loved ones happy, safe and relaxed in the comfort of their own home as the center of attention.  

We can walk your dog  for 20, 30 or 60-minute time intervals between breakfast and bedtime. We'll maintain their routine, also pick up or scoop your pet's waste, give him fresh food/water, and plenty of personalized affection—just as you do. Of course, your basic home care services are also included. 


Pet Parents Who Need a Visit Every Once In a While:                       Bundle Packages:


 • 20-minute: $22                                                               • 8 Walks- 2X per week (20/30/60-min.): $21/$26/$31                             


• 30-minute: $27                                                                 • 14 Walks- 3X per week (20/30/60-min.): $$20/$25/$30


• 60-minute: $32                                                          • 20 Walks- 3x per week (20/30/60-min): $19/$24/$29   

 ***Additional Dog Rate: $3-6 Package Rates Available  

Daily Pet Sitting

Whether you're at work, out of town or out for the evening, your pet needs daily lovin' and attention to help him be a happy soul. We'll visit your pet to provide companionship, fresh water and food (plus oral medications, if necessary), a walk or romp in the backyard for his toileting needs, waste cleanup (yard, litter box or cage) and plenty of pats, chin scratches and personalized affection. 


Pet Parents Who Need a Visit Every Once In a While:                         Bundle Packages:

    •    15-minute visit: $20                                                           • 8 Visits- (15/30/60): $18/$23/$33

    •    30-minute visit: $24                                                           • 14 Visits- (15/30/60): $17/$22/$32

    •    60-minute visit: $34                                                           • 20 Visits: (15/30/60): $16/$21/$31

***Additional Pet Rate: $3 

Daily Puppy Sitting

We love puppies! Puppies are extra fun, but they also require extra time and attention -- starting with extra potty breaks. We'll visit your pal at least twice a day to provide play and companionship and to take him outside for toileting and leg stretching. We'll also be sure to follow your established training guidelines so he'll continue to get the consistent schooling he needs to grow into a well-behaved dog. 

Special Rates!!
We're puppy experts!


Private Boarding 

Hey, some pets like to have a home away from home! While you're off on a relaxing vacation, your pet will be having fun, too, basking in the 'round-the-clock attention and care he'll receive at the home of a Furry Pals Pro. He'll be treated as part of the family, take part in new adventures, and enjoy socializing and exercising with other pets and people in a cage free happy environment!

Rates:• Overnight at a Pet Pro's Home 

$55 for one pet - Per 24 hours
Additional Pet is $20   

***Discounts Available For Long Stays

Just bring your pets food, favorite bedding and we'll provide all the love and attention and canine friends.  
We care for special needs pets too.  If your pet needs medications, we are able to accomodate those needs.  Additional fee of $5-10 for insulin injections for example.​

Holiday Service

There is an additional charge for visits on the following holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve Day, New Year's Day. Holidays prove to be a very busy time so if you want to ensure service, please book early!

Additional Charge for Holiday Service
Book early!


Doggie DayCare at a Pet Pro's home - Daytime House Guest

$38 daily rate for Doggie Day Care in a private personalized setting.  
$15 each additional dog from the same family. 

Half Day Daycare
We do offer 1/2 day daycare rates: $28 up to 4 hours for one dog, $15 each additional dog.

***Running late. That's ok.. After hours fee $5-$10 for each hour. 

If your dog is shy we can gradually expose him to other dogs  Your dog will be matched to the right play group to ensure a fun day for all.  Drop off and pick up transportation services may be arranged, depending on schedules and distance-see transportation services.

Dogs who are not trained to toilet outdoors or they have other behavioral challenges may incur an additional charge per day depending on how much extra care they require.


Hotel Pet Visits

Many hotels today allow pets to stay with their families. If you're staying at a pet-friendly accommodation, we'll come to your hotel to provide your pet with care per your request. We'll give your furry pal food and water, medications, walks for recreation and toileting (we'll clean up his waste), and lots of affection and pats.

Affordable Rates - Call for Details!
Long conference? Don't worry, we will be there when you can't.


Pet Food - FREE Home Delivery!

We proudly provide free home delivery of high-quality dog and cat foods to our valued customers. Our foods have been meticulously formulated for optimal nutrition and are made with only the finest ingredients produced in the United States (lamb products are from New Zealand). Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to help your pets maintain a healthy immune system, our foods come from approved suppliers who abide by rigorous quality standards for pet health and safety. We bring quality pet nutrition right to your door!

Premium Foods/Value Prices/FREE Delivery!

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Pet Supplies Pick Up

We understand that your pet's veterinary clinic may be on the opposite side of town from your workplace, making it difficult for you to get there and back within your workday. That's when you need to call us -- we can make that important trip to your vet (or anywhere else you need) to pick up pet medications or supplies. Just give us a call to ask about this friendly, time-saving service!

$15 - $30 (depending on distance)
Forget something? Don't worry, we are there when you can't be!


Pet Transportation

Whether to the groomer, a doggie play date, the vet or the airport, we'll drive your pet to wherever he needs to go. We use safe, sanitized pet carriers to transport your furry friend, and we'll keep him company before, during and after his appointment. Whether one way or round trip, we'll chauffeur your pet per your request.

$12 - $50 (depending on distance)
Need to get the dogs somewhere? We've got you covered!


Special-Needs Care

Do you have a beloved pet with a medical condition that requires special care? Perhaps your pet needs insulin or some other type of subcutaneous injection at a prescribed time of day. Relax -- just call us and we'll come when you're away from home to provide the expert care your pal needs and when he needs it. Of course, he'll get lots of pats and cuddles, too!

Administer medications, injections


After Hours/Late PickUp Fee; $10-$20

Cancellation - $10 charge for cancellation of service less than 24 hours prior to when the service was supposed to take place.

Key Pick-up or Drop Off - Two working sets of keys are required at the time of the initial consultation. $10 charge for key pick up after initial consultation or drop off after service.

Rush Booking Charge - $10 charge applies when a service is scheduled less than 24 hours before the service is to take place.

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